Tiny Home Financing Guide

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Tiny Home Financing: Possible Solutions in the United States of America

There are many reasons why people are fascinated with tiny houses: they embody a less is more philosophy, have a positive effect on the environment, and provide the opportunity for mobility. However, there are some difficulties in financing a tiny home, which can be explained by several factors. In contrast with regular houses, tiny houses do not usually fit into the conventional mortgages as they are different in design and usually cheaper.

Problems of Financing the Construction of Tiny Houses

Many other lenders will also classify the tiny homes as personal property just like other movable structures such as RVs or mobile homes. This categorization influences the type of loans one can secure and sometimes cannot get conventional home loans. Additionally, the fact that tiny homes are relatively affordable means that some lenders may not have minimum loan amount thresholds that can be met.

Viable Financing Options

These are some financial institutions and companies that offer tiny house financing even with the difficulties mentioned above.

1. LightStream

LightStream is a division of SunTrust Bank and this has personal loans which can be used for buying tiny homes. The loans they offer are between $5,000 to $100,000 with fixed interest rates and the terms they offer are between 24 to 144 months. LightStream’s competitive advantage is the convenience of the online application and the speed of funding, which can take only one business day. They also offer the rate-beat program to guarantee that you obtain the most favorable interest rate.

LightStream is a good choice for those with good to excellent credit scores, who want to deal with a company that does not require collateral and has a fast approval process. Since they can lend the money that is needed to purchase tiny homes for sale, they can be considered as a good option for financing.

2. SoFi

SoFi has personal loans that are appropriate for home improvement as well as home buying and since tiny homes are considered as homes, it becomes possible to access a personal loan for tiny homes. Loan sizes offered depend on the business’s needs, and they can borrow from $5,000 to $100,000, and they get terms that last between two to seven years. Another area where SoFi shines is fee comfort, meaning that they do not offer origination fee, prepayment penalty, or late fees, thus the cost of funds is more transparent.

Thus, SoFi’s loans are ideal for those with good credit scores or who have other positive factors that would enable them to repay the loans. Furthermore, as a part of membership, SoFi offers access to career advancement assistance and financial wellness, among other tools to support general personal finance.

3. Liberty Bank of Utah

Liberty Bank of Utah holds a different type of RV loan that makes it easier to fund any tiny home on wheels. They offer tiny houses financing for both new and used residences, with annual percentage rates and terms moving up to 15 years. Interest level depends on the credit score and the loan size, but generally, they are rather favorable within the RV loan category.

Currently, this option may be suitable for those seeking to purchase mobile tiny houses for sale since it outlines a way to own such a house without necessarily having to address the traditional characteristics of a house.

4. Loans – Manufactured & Mobile Homes

Some of the conventional loan offering firms that can be approached for small loans, home loans and especially manufactured or mobile homes as in the case of tiny houses include 21st Mortgage Corporation and Triad Financial Services. This type of loan has an even shorter time period of up to 25 years, and usually the home should be set down for a permanent foundation.

Even though these loans can only be used for a particular type of property, the interest costs a lower monthly total payment given the longer tenures on the mortgages, keeping the cost of homeownership low in the long run.

5. Peer-to-Peer Lending

In the USA, there is a company known as LendingClub and Prosper that deals with tiny home financing through offering personal loans via a P2P lending platform. This allows borrowers to access loans from individual investors through online platforms with no intermediaries from banks. It has been known that the amounts of loans are generally between $1, 000 and $40,000 with the interest rates varying depending on credit scores.

Although p2p lending is still rather uncharted territory, it can provide borrowers with moderate credit who cannot apply for a personal loan with an opportunity to borrow money. Funding via this channel is rather easy and once a loan application is approved the funds are disbursed without much delay.

Key Considerations

1. Credit Score: Typically, a good to excellent credit score is expected before a lender offers you a loan at better interest rates. It allows increasing the likelihood of obtaining credit with a less interest rate, thus, the credit score of an individual can be beneficial to be boosted.

2. Loan Amount: A tiny house ranges in price between $30 000 and $100 000. Make sure it is affordable and consists of other costs which are delivery, setting up and acquiring furniture for the events.

3. Interest Rates: This is in a bid to determine the best interest rate for the loan among many lenders online. Not that a change in these rates may not affect the total amount that one is likely to pay for the loan.

4. Loan Terms: Think about the term of the loan – as you are assigning certain monthly payments toward that loan, you will be paying interest on that sum over a period of time. Positive relation means that positive lengths of terms of the loans lower the amount of monthly installments required to be paid but raises the sum of interest to be paid for the entire period.

5. Zoning and Regulations: It is important to verify that the chosen location for the tiny home aligns with the general rules and ordinances regarding tiny houses in your area. There are conditions that may call for the placement of the home on permanent foundation depending on the type of financing obtained.


As we will see, funding a tiny house means entering a world of fairy-tale type loans and learning about the peculiarities of financing accessible in the form of tiny houses. With a thoughtful approach to your credit situation, loan conditions, as well as necessities of your tiny house, you will easily get an idea of what kind of loan will be the most suitable for you and will make you a part of the tiny home movement.

If one only takes the time to properly finance his or her tiny home, one can easily eliminate the aforementioned challenges and weigh the benefits to embrace the reduced expenses and simplicity inherent in tiny homes.