16' Element: Your Tiny Home Start

Snellville Georgia, United States


$28,000 For sale

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Listed: 4 months ago

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Hey there! Have you heard about our 16' Element? It's one of the tiny homes we're super excited about at Dragon Tiny Homes. Right now, we're offering it at a special intro price of $23,500. The way we've set this one up, with all its neat features, comes to $28,000.

So, what's the 16' Element all about? It's our cozy little creation that's perfect for anyone looking to dive into tiny home living without spending a fortune. It's 16 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and has a loft that adds extra space on top of the 135 sq. ft. downstairs. And it's built on this custom trailer we make ourselves, so it's pretty sturdy and made specifically for tiny homes.

One thing we love about this home is how you can make it truly yours. It comes with these unfinished plywood walls that are just waiting for your personal touch. You could paint them, stick some wallpaper on, or even add some fancy finishes if you're feeling adventurous. It's all about giving you a starting point that's affordable but also completely customizable.

And customization is key! We've got over 25 options you can add on. Want smoother walls? We've got sanded cabinet-grade plywood. Dreaming of a shiplap interior? No problem. How about stairs to the loft instead of a ladder, or a mini-split AC to keep cool? We can do all that and more. Our team loves working with you to figure out exactly what you want—and what you don't—to make sure your tiny home is perfect for you.

We build these homes with the same care and standards as any traditional home—think 2x4 construction and full insulation—right here in Snellville, GA. They come with a full-size bathroom, an optional area for laundry, and plenty of windows to let in natural light.

Oh, and keep an eye out for our 20' Element home that's coming soon. It's got even more space and all the customization options you love.

If you're thinking about making the leap into tiny home living or just want to chat about possibilities, we're here for you. Drop us a line, and let's make your tiny home dreams come true.

Length 16.0 feet4.88 meters
Width 8.0 feet2.44 meters
Height 13.0 feet3.96 meters
Weight 10000 lbs4535.92 kgs

Heating & Cooling N/A
Exterior Wood
Roof N/A